Deposits for parties or private events are non-refundable. If something comes up on or before your big day, you may change your party day / time, but options are based upon availability. In the case you need to reschedule, parties need to be hosted within 6 months from the original party date and cannot be cancelled and rescheduled again. This also includes if a party needs to be rescheduled due to inclement weather. Please be RESPECTFUL of START and END times of your party, we need the entire time in between sessions to clean and set up for the next guests. We help with all your clean up and will also help you pack up! 5 minutes before the end of your party, it helps us tremendously if you gather your guests by our exit and thank them for coming to your party. 


A $200* deposit is required for booking a Poppins Playhouse Party.  

A $400* deposit is required for booking a Sit Back and Relax Party. 

 Once the deposit is received, a confirmation email will be sent along with a copy of the terms and conditions and a confirmation sheet for the party specifics.  


• Parties can be cancelled up to 30 days prior to the scheduled date with the deposit being fully refunded.  

• Parties cancelled less than 30 days prior to the original date may be rescheduled one time within 6 months of the original date with no cancellation fees. If the event is not rescheduled within the 6 months, then the original deposit will be forfeited.  

• Parties cancelled within (3) business days prior to the original event will forfeit their original deposit.  

• Hosts booking Poppin Playhouse and Sit Back and Relax parties without adding the custom theme or artwork, can upgrade or downgrade their party up to 2 weeks prior to the party date as many of the party supplies and food orders have been placed and cannot be cancelled.  

• Hosts booking parties with custom themes and artwork can upgrade or downgrade their party up to 4 weeks prior to the party dates as the artwork for those parties is ordered 4 weeks out and cannot be canceled.  


Time Allotted  

All party hosts will have a total of 2:00 for the party.  

The breakdown of times will be as follows: 

 ▪Hosts may arrive 5 minutes prior to start time for waivers and tour the party room.  

▪ 1:30 Allowed for open play. 

▪ 0:30 Allowed for party room wrap up.  

At the end of the 1:30 open play time, all guests will be moved to the party room for the wrap up so that staff can begin to clean and prepare the play area for the next event. Guests will not be allowed back into the play area once the party is moved to the party room.  

All guests must be out of the play area and party room following the party room wrap up to allow the staff to prepare for the next scheduled event.  

Management may shorten the open play session for any events that exceed the allowed number of children, and events that exceed the capped number of children will only be allowed a maximum of 1:15 of open play, after which the play area will be closed.  

 Number of children allowed for each type of event 

 ▪ Poppins Playhouse Party allows for a maximum of 10, 15, or 20 children depending on the package chosen. 

▪ Sit Back and Relax Party allows for 20 children.  

▪ If the maximum cap for the Poppins 10 or 15 is exceeded, then additional children will incur a $25* fee per child. 

 ▪ If the maximum cap of 20 children is exceeded for any party, then additional children will incur a $25* fee per child in addition to a $100* large party fee for up to 24 children maximum.  

▪ If the maximum cap of 24 children is exceeded, then additional children over the cap of 24 will incur a $50* fee per child and the large party fee will be increased to $200*.

 Additional Time Policy    

There is no option for extending the time as it will interfere with the next guest’s event.   

If you run over your allotted time, there will be a $100* surcharge for each additional 10 mins after the end of the party room wrap up period if hosts and guests are still in the play area or party rooms.  

Food Policy

Outside food or beverage is NOT allowed for all parties except for cake and cupcakes. 

Smash cakes are not allowed.  

Ice cream cakes are not permitted.  

Traditional birthday candles are permitted. 

Sparkler types of candles are prohibited.  

Decorations and Outside Entertainment 

 NO OUTSIDE DECORATIONS are allowed including balloons.  

Outside cups, plates, napkins and tablecloths are not allowed.  

The use of tape and tacks are prohibited. 

Silly String, confetti or pinatas are not allowed.  

Additional cleaning fee may be assessed for excessive clean up or damage.  

Outside entertainment or other commercial vendors will not be allowed.  

Socks Policy  

Poppins Playhouse is a socks-only facility. All children are provided grip socks with party admission and must be worn. All attending adults must bring their own socks to wear. Hosts must let all their guests know about the socks only policy. If adult socks are needed, they can be purchased for $4* and will be added to the total cost of the party if the guest elects not to purchase them.  

*Plus all applicable taxes and fees